Avi Rosenholtz

Always Real Design is where I craft and synthesize technology and design. It has always been my passion to create and innovate to achieve new levels of excellence in design or utility.

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NFC (Near Field Communication) and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) are hardware tags that allow for contactless digital interactions. These tags can be utilized for many different applications. They are widely used for inventory tracking, mobile payments and in many other scenarios.

I have created a patented, NFC / RFID shielding technology that allows for NFC / RFID use in multiple layers.

This exciting expansion of NFC / RFID capability opens the door to new possibilities in the NFC / RFID space.

As a demonstration of this technology, I have created Story2Life™ - The first application created utilizing this technnology. Story2Life™ makes interactive books possible on a whole new level and provides content producers with an entirely new channel to interact with the consumer.

Story2Life.com - Check it out below!